The finished box, after a bit of time under a heatlamp to remove the white discoloration

I made a Flatbox

So I'm a peripherals junkie, stacks of all sorts of keyboards, mice, controllers, etc. If you show me a funny lil bud to input things into stuff I fucking need it. The one thing I hadnt tried yet was one of these really slim buttonboxes with the choc low profiles, so I grabbed a pcb from someone and then fucked around with my 3d printer more than I had really hoped too and now I have one.

So far I think I may actually like it better than my regular stick I usually use, which is funny cause I've tried two other buttonbox sticks before and really never been able to get super comfortable with them. I'm assuming it's because I was able to really dial in the feel how I wanted using my own switches like this but who knows.

The biggest takeaway from this for me is don't fuck with these unless your 3d printer likes you, cause if your 3d printer is a cantankerous bitch you're going to have a bad time. Fuck I'm still having a bad time cause I decided I wanted a yellow top after I was done and I just CANNOT get a good print with this stuff.

Also don't be dumb like me and buy a single pcb off Etsy just go get the design files off the github and get a batch of them made it's basically the same price and you're gonna have like 3 or 4 people you show it too want one anyway.

The Flatbox pcb I used, it's the Rev4 one with Dark Yellow 70g switches

I do worry about how well the stems on these will hold up, I had a few failed prints where the stems snapped at the base

The first top plate I did, you can really see the discoloration here, I didn't use this one since it had a height issue during printing

Honestly fuck this yellow filament